Membership Discounts

Member-to-Member Discount Program

Throughout the year member businesses will offer special discounts, offers and promotions exclusively for other 1si Members.

Member to Member Discounts allow you to earn discounts when you do business with your fellow 1,000+ fellow Chamber members. These discounts are for member employers and their employees. If you would like to offer a discount to your fellow members, please email
 for more information.

GLI HealthSolutions

One Southern Indiana has entered into a new partnership with Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI), the metro Chamber of Commerce. That partnership is a discounted insurance plan offered through Humana. Under the plan, we can offer 1si members discounts on medical insurance as well as the following ancillary products: dental, life, vision and other bundled discounts. This is available to employers with 2-99 employees. All members of 1si are eligible for the program.

Any insurance broker that sells Humana products, can also sell this plan.  All they need to do is log on to the humana site, check the box that indicates the company they are writing the insurance for is a member of 1si and then the site should calculate the premiums for them.

If a broker does not currently sell Humana products, they must call Humana to become a licensed and registered broker for Humana.

To participate in a GLI HealthSolutions program, One Southern Indiana members should contact their insurance agent and request a quote.

Health Solutions FAQ

Why did 1si choose Humana to offer GLI HealthSolutions to chamber members?
1si members asked us for a solution to their health insurance dilemma. Because of GLI’s success with the program, we asked them to help us find the answers. Humana has health plan solutions and viable networks that can offer our small business owners a total benefits package and affordable health solution. In addition, Humana is a home-grown organization with 40 years of industry experience.

How do small employers become eligible for this program?
It’s simple. Any small business owner with 2-99 employees is eligible to receive a health insurance quote. To enroll in GLI HealthSolutions, small business owners need to be members of 1si.

What if a 1si member company is already enrolled with another health insurer?
Any small business currently covered by another carrier can immediately receive a GLI HealthSolutions quote.

What if a company is currently insured with Humana?
If a small business is currently insured by Humana, the company will not be eligible for the health plan association until its next enrollment period.

What is the difference between GLI HealthSolutions and other health plans?
GLI HealthSolutions may be a more affordable option. The health plan association offers several unique plan designs and discounted rates.

Will every employer realize savings?
GLI HealthSolutions offers potential cost savings for small business owners. Actual savings will vary depending upon various factors of the individual organization.

How do I get more information to find out if this program is right for my small business?
Ask your health insurance agent how GLI HealthSolutions might help you solve your benefits dilemma.

Heartland Payment Systems 

image of Heartland Payment Systems logoOne Southern Indiana endorses Heartland Payment Systems® for 1si merchant processing, marketing solutions and payroll. 1si selected Heartland because of Heartland’s industry leadership, value, savings and peace of mind Heartland brings to 1si members. Heartland is endorsed by 250+ state and national trade associations and chambers of commerce.  Heartland is a publicly traded, Fortune 1,000 Tier 1 Core Processor with 900+ employees in Indiana alone.  HPS built and own their own processing platform and DO NOT allow any middlemen, independent sales organizations or re-sellers offer their services.  By removing the middlemen, they can always improve your business.

For details on how Heartland can help your business with profitability and efficiencies via their payment solutions, contact Ben Browne at 502.689.3653, email him at  or learn more at

Office Depot Discount Program
Office-Depot-logo_200The Chamber Office Depot Program is FREE for all 1si Chamber members! It can save you up to 60% off a list of most commonly purchased items by businesses and 5% off most other items. Streamline your ordering with free delivery (on orders of $50 or more) and four convenient ways to shop: online, phone, fax, or in the store. Click here to sign up. 
Point2Mobile Affinity Program
image of Point2Mobile logoIf you've updated your website recently, you may not have looked at your mobile site. Is your website optimized for a smartphone? If it isn't, you're losing customers. Take advantage of our newest affinity program with Point2Mobile and they can optimize your website for as little as $450. Click Here for details.