Hitachi Cable Establishes a New Company for Automotive Product Supply

Hitachi Cable Automotive Products USA, Inc

Effective January 1st, 2011, Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc. located in New Albany, Indiana, has merged our sister Company located in Pensacola, Florida (Hitachi Cable Florida) into Hitachi Cable Indiana, and we formed a new company; “Hitachi Cable Automotive Products USA, Inc.. We are a part of the “Hitachi Cable Group” of companies worldwide. This new company is operated under the Umbrella of “Hitachi Cable America”, who has responsibilities for various business interests in North America and Europe.

This Merger combines our Florida Company with our Indiana Company into one, and as a result, we have changed our name. The name change is designed to better reflect the depth and breadth of the company’s continued commitment to the Automotive Industry and to expand into other related areas as well.

The synergies created, by the strengthening and unity of our combined manufacturing and development technology, Sales and Engineering activities, our combined materials purchasing and manufacturing capabilities, and the resulting efficiencies are expected to make a more stable and capable production supply base for our new and current customers, while improving our customers’ satisfaction.

For 23 years, Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc. has been associated with quality products and excellent customer support, and with “Hitachi Cable Automotive Products USA, Inc., that commitment to quality and service remains the same. Similarly, the Florida location has had a strong history as originally a part of the Dana Corp. supply group. During the past three years of our operation of that facility, they have brought beneficial strengths and assets to our group.

Today, however, our business focus is much broader than our traditional Automotive Hydraulic Products. We are using our background in Electrical Products and Wire Cable Product development to create a variety of products and applications in many developing business areas, including Hybrid Vehicles and related infrastructure. As a result, it’s critical that our name promotes the full range of our capabilities and geographic focus. The name Hitachi Cable Automotive Products USA, Inc is derived from our desire to indicate the wider scope of our business expectations.

The Corporate Headquarters will be located at the New Albany, Indiana site. Sales, Engineering, R&D, Purchasing and other support activities will be focused as a corporate function at this location. Manufacturing in Indiana will include Rubber Hose Products, Machining and Metal products, HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) High and Low Voltage Cable and Assemblies and other electrical products. This location will continue supply to our Asian Customers as well as to Harley Davidson and other non traditional customers.

The Pensacola, Florida site will primarily remain as a manufacturing site and will focus on our Hydraulic Brake Hose Products, primarily for the Big 3 and other related companies.

Hitachi Cable Automotive Products USA, Inc. also has a 100% Subsidiary Company located in Queretaro, Mexico (HCQ) and is partial shareholder of Hitachi Cable UK, located in Wales, England (HCUK). These companies provide products to these geographical regions and our Asian and European customers in addition to our activities in the USA.

We will continue our efforts to identify new markets and new product to build on our core products to achieve a more significant level in the supply chain as well as to penetrate non-traditional markets.

Our name change will not affect the company’s operations or ownership in any way, and our customers should expect the same high level of quality service and support they’ve come to expect from the Hitachi Cable Group.

Thank You.

For questions or, further information please contact: Pat Houghlin, Senior Vice President, (812)-981-3366 or (502)-553-5842